Top 5 Best Lingerie Detergents

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Continuing from our article on How to care for your lingerie we have compiled a list of our five favourite washes for your underwear. Ok ladies, we understand that most of you may not have the time, neither the desire to wash your lingerie separately never mind spending money on buying a separate detergent but let us explain why it is necessary. 

Lingerie covers a very delicate part of our body, so it is important to avoid harsh detergents that may irritate your skin. Furthermore, in order for your lingerie to last longer and retain its’ shape, hand-washing your intimates is advisable. Alternatively, machine wash on a delicate warm wash cycle, you can do this by placing your underwear in a lingerie wash bag or even in a cotton pillowcase to protect them from marks and pulling, not much work involved. So if you love lingerie and wish to care for them as much as we do, we recommend using the following detergents. 

The Laundress Delicate Wash 16fl oz 

Scented in Lady, an herbal and citrus blend of rich amber, bergamot, lavender, and musk. Highly concentrated—up to 32 washes. £22.00. Available at

Soak Wash - Lacey 12fl oz 

Lacey combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance. Soak is perfect for your laciest lingerie, softest sweaters, baby clothes, quilts, swimwear, workout wear and all the laundry you love. love it. wear it. soak it. Chose from Lacey, Fig, Yuzu, Scentless, Celebration or Pineapple Grove. £16.50. Available at

Forever New Lingerie Wash 32oz

Forever New lingerie wash gently lifts and cleans fine clothing safely without leaving a residue. Washes and extends the life of all your fine lingerie and other delicate washables £44. Available on

Journell Linden Lingerie Wash 16oz

Journell's signature linden fragrance is a highly-concentrated, super-gentle laundry detergent that removes body oils, perspiration, and stains while cleaning and preserving delicate fabrics. It's the best way to keep your lingerie lovely longer-and make it smell amazing too. $18.00 Available on

 Ecover Delicate Laundry Liquid New Waterlily & Honeydew Fragrance 750 ml

If your prefer a lingerie detergent that is more eco-friendly, then the Ecover range may be right up your street. The Ecover Laundry liquid is plant based with no additional chemicals. All products originate from ecological factories and are against animal testing and has minimal effect on aquatic life so is great for vegans. This detergent does have a slight fragrance Waterlily & Honeydew, but it is natural. £3.99 Available on Big Green and

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 A Delicate Scented Hand Wash 

You can get really creative here by soaking your intimates in your favourite hand-wash. Anything that is delicately scented and mild will do.  Great option if you don't have a lingerie detergent readily available, you can get one from your local drugstore or if you are a little bougie like us, use something a little more luxurious. You have options ladies and they all work well. 

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