How To Care For Your Lingerie

(This post was originally published on Feb 20th 2016 and updated on July 5th 2018)

Have you ever wondered why lingerie from the 1900's to 1960's are collector's items today? The reason is underwear from that era was very well made, produced with the best quality fabrics and contained a "delicately wash" care label instruction, which all contributed to the longevity and quality of this lingerie to this day.

Olyinka adheres to these same quality standards because like the lingerie of old we want our underwear to last for years to come; therefore all our garments are constructed from rich, delicate fabrics - the most beautiful chiffon, silk, organic cotton, made to the highest quality and with attention to detail. Each garment is made to fit the feminine figure harmoniously.

To retain the structure of your lingerie, we also advise hand-washing your silk intimates to maintain its shape and quality. We have written an article on our Top 5 best lingerie detergents to use for this purpose. Click here for the article. 

Want further advice on how to care for your intimates? We love the article by Harpers Bazaar who interviewed Claire Chambers, owner of the luxury lingerie boutique Journelle who shared her best tips on how to wash your lingerie. We at Olyinka HQ agree with the suggestions mentioned, so ladies, please click on the link for the article below and remember to take notes. :-) Click here for the article. x


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