Chidera Eggerue the woman behind the #saggyboobsmatter movement



Olyinka Lingerie is living for the #saggyboobsmatter movement.

Chidera Eggerue, Award-winning Blogger & Author of 'What A Time To Be Alone' disliked her sagging boobs from a very young age and desired firmer more perkier boobs, and as a result, decided to correct them with plastic surgery. 

A woman's decision to correct her body with plastic surgery is very common in western societies, and the primary cause, we believe, that leads women to change the way they look via this method, is because of the bombardment by the media of unrealistic standards of what women should look like, which is programmed constantly through media and magazine channels.

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Chidera, decided against plastic surgery and chose to start an open dialogue on Instagram and via her blog instead, with other women about this topic because she realised that all women will at some point face this same issue.

Furthermore, Chidera also realised that she didn’t want to go through her teenage years and her early 20’s wishing that she had loved herself more.

She wanted to be "present" in her journey, deserving to be on this planet and not allow her physical appearance to be the only important thing in her life - as beautiful as she is. 

So she started the #saggyboobsmatter movement.

Her movement is reclaiming every contrary idea that has been attached to what it means to have “saggy boobs” so, as a rite of passage, Chidera, beautifully and tastefully shows off her boobs to further demonstrate that “saggy boobs” are beautiful and believes that women should enjoy the process of how their bodies develop over time and own it!

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It's important to note that Chidera always advocates that any decision that a woman makes about their body is up to them, whether they decide to undertake cosmetic surgery or not, but she wants women to go through the process of self-acceptance and to love their bodies before making such life-changing decisions.

She also points out that plastic surgery is a short-term solution and the long-term, permanent solution is to deal with the mind first and how we view ourselves as women.

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The response to the #saggyboobsmatter movement has been overwhelmingly positive and the testimonies are amazing. 

Because of Chidera, young teenagers have reportedly decided not to go ahead with plastic surgery, breastfeeding mothers are a lot more confident about themselves and their bodies and so they should be.

This movement is changing lives and we salute Chidera for her boldness, bravery and the way she has helped women change the way they perceive themselves. 

If you would like to know more about Chidera Eggerue or require further information about the #saggyboobsmatter movement, please check out her Instagram and blog links below. 

Instagram :@theslumflower