Definition of Beauty

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The definition of beauty according to Oxford Dictionary is:

Beauty ˈbjuːti/noun

A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

For example: "I was struck by her beauty."

It's interesting to see that beauty is defined as that which is visually pleasing to the sight. This has been the definition throughout the ages, whereby beauty is universally defined by how a person looks. This is a sad but true fact. 

You've heard the comments, "She's so beautiful", "She's so pretty", which are the common responses to women who is aesthetically pleasing, you've probably received these comments yourself and that's cool, however in the age of social media, selfies, and "likes", there is a growing trend that dictates that anyone who is visually beautiful, is accepted, and those who are not, are alienated, so with this in mind, we thought it would be a good thing to redefine Oxford's Dictionary definition of beauty to make it more inclusive. So according to the  OlyinkaMag ™ Dictionary, Beauty is... 

A combination of qualities, characteristics, talents, and skills which are internal, gifted or learned which is pleasing to all senses, 

For example: "I was struck by her INNER beauty."

Beauty we believe is internal and it would be great if we lived in a society where women were not defined by their appearance but by their inner qualities and talents. We believe so, but how can this be achieved? Well, if we start to  train young children from an early age that beauty is internal, not external, change the narrative on social media, in our conversations with friends, partners, and family members, then yes this can be achieved.

We believe that "Inner Beauty" needs a little shout-out, and maybe, just maybe, if we all believed that true beauty starts from within, we can re-write the definition of beauty for the future. 

So, to get started, we've compiled 8 steps on how to bring out your inner beauty and get you glowing from the inside out.


By being someone other than yourself, you are denying your - self. Learn more about who you are, your purpose and mission in life, Embrace and become that. 

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Hating affects every part of your body, mind, soul and spirit. So whatever the reason you have to dislike yourself, it only takes one step to change that negative thought into a positive one and start appreciating yourself. So, look in the mirror and kiss it - yes, that's what I said ! Give yourself a big kiss and say "I love you" and continue to do this until your body and soul responds in kind. In time the love you show yourself will exude from the inside out. 

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Meditation is a great way to connect to your internal self. Sit in silence and release any negative thoughts, then focus and embrace the positive. You only need a minimum of 5 mins of practice per day, so get started and connect with your inner you.

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4. EXERCISE & DRINK WATER - like lots! 

Whether it's walking in the park, step class, running or circuit training, get your blood and circulation flowing and your serotonin and dopamine levels rising so you have a whole body, mind and soul workout. The goal here is for your body to be strong, flexible and healthy. And also drink plenty of water, this cleanses, refreshes and restores your body that will give you that H2o glow.



Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy that focuses on continual improvement throughout all aspects of your life, so, If you are not learning, you are not growing. Read a book, listen to a podcast, do an online course that will get your brain stimulated and inspired. Be curious! Continuous development of your mind is the new sexy. 

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Listen to music that will raise your vibration, bring out your inner joy and get you dancing. Music is a very powerful tool that can affect your body and brain, so for an instant pick me up, play your favourite tunes and release some positive vibes into your environment and your soul. Click here for our playlist to get you going. 



With so much negativity in the world it can be easy to get caught up in the noise, but learn not to engage. Swift off from that negative vibration and surround yourself with people that make you laugh, or watch your favourite comedy, laughter is a great way to raise your vibration and remove negativity from your environment. 

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This is a must for your body, soul and spirit. Reward yourself with some me-time, get out your favourite products and start preening and pampering girl. Show your body some love, you only have one.  Check out our pampering recommendations here. This step, in addition to the steps above should get you glowing from the inside out.