7 Steps to Activate Your Inner goddess


Hey ladies, have you seen the 2017 movie Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot? Well, it was one of our top movies of last year and it had Olyinka HQ all up in our feelings. We came out of that movie empowered, wanting to break down walls and conquer mountains, basically it brought out our inner goddess. This movie was seriously amazing. We wanted every woman and girl to see it and every man to watch and take notes. We believe, the essence of whom Wonder Woman represents - courage, strength and power are characteristics we all have, we just need to activate it. So, we thought it would be fun to compile seven steps on how you can activate your inner goddess and please note, we do not accept or acknowledge any responsibility for the woman you may become once you've activated these steps... Just letting y'all know. Enjoy! 


As women, we tend to underestimate our divine and feminine power and at worst ignore it. Let us think about who we are for a minute... We can produce human beings, our bodies are human incubators, our brains can do a thousand things at once and as a result, we can multitask with ease. We are nurturers and fighters. There is a phrase that says "it takes a woman to build a home..." and it is absolutely true, if there are no women, there is no hope, no future and no home, so we need to acknowledge our power and activate it.


Your superpower needs to be activated daily, even when you don't feel like it, but please note, just knowing who you are is enough for activation to happen. Triggering your feminine superpower is a must if you want to conquer your day and the world, so, switch it on and switch it up!  If you are a mother, tap into your energy to look after your city, your home, your babies, and your partner. If you are an entrepreneur trigger your power to establish and build your empire, your legacy. If you are a sister, mother, daughter, active your power, but whatever you do, don't allow your power to lie dormant.


This should have been no. 1 on our list but we didn't want you to rush out and find other goddesses until you activated your own goddess power. Surrounding yourself with other goddesses is a must. They will give you the necessary support and ammunition for you to be your best self, to empower you when you are not feeling yourself and supercharge your divine energy. Again, please note, be very choosy with whom you select, goddesses should be at your level or above, be willing you pull you up, be your ride or die, loyal and committed for the goddess cause.


Now that you've recognised and activated your goddess energy, there will be a few people that will try to stop you from using your power. These people won't be so obvious to you at first, but there are a few signs we can give you on how to recognise those negative people when they arise. For example, when you say something empowering and you notice their face starts to screw up... Keep note! And if they continue to produce screw-face every time you do something wonderful or amazing and even they even go as far as to say that you are being silly for even stepping out in your amazing-ness, remove them from your life with immediate effect.


There will be days when you will have doubts about who you are what you are doing in life. This is normal, it's OK, and please don't beat yourself up for thinking like this. These thoughts will arise even more so, now that you have decided to operate in your power. The naysayers, haters the doubters will conspire against you and I'm not necessarily talking about people, it is the voices in your head that are your real enemies until you manage to control them. " Really Kathy, do you think your business will really work? Now really???...", "Don't speak out Sarah, people will laugh at you...." And it goes on. When these voices materialise, it is your job to SHUT THEM UP! Silence those voices and superimpose those thoughts with positive affirmations, speak them out loud so those negative voices are subdued.  These voices will be loud at first however, if you continue to speak positivity consistently over your life, they will eventually shut up and leave you alone and your positive voice will dominate.


What I loved about this movie was Wonder Woman's love interest, an American pilot played by Chris Pine, who was not intimidated by her power but wholly embraced it. He operated in his strength and she in hers and together they made a great partnership. Unfortunately, we live in a world dominated by men who have managed to control and subdue women into subservient positions or situations. If you are in a relationship or a role where you feel you are being dominated. controlled or abused then please leave that environment. There are organisations and movements you can connect with that will help you. You don't need to be silent, speak up! Your goal is to be in a relationship, friendship, organisation that will help you to operate at you highest and brightest. So do so without delay. Your future vibrant self will thank you for it.


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