Top 10 Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas: Secret Santa

So, who has been roped into doing secret Santa this year.? Yep! We have at Olyinka HQ! There were initial groans combined with cheers - the team were divided, but when they were told that this was for YOU, our loyal readers - there was a collective “We’re in!”

The task, should the team choose to accept it, was to buy one luxury Christmas gift for £10 or under, for a team member whose name was chosen from a hat and the best gift would be listed in OlyinkaMag!. There were tears, tantrums, disappointments, cocky jubilation but it was worth it so that you can the best pressie for your secret Santa and we also cheated a little, can you spot it? had to be included in the list because it was just too nice not to be - Check out below our recommendations. below...

by Otegha Uwagba £6

By Happy Socks £12

by Soap and Glory - £8

Stud Tassel Drop Earrings
By Top Shop £7

20 min Body Boost Bath Prep Salts 1kg
By BOD £10

Black & Pink Lip Make Up Bag £6
By Kahri

Rose Hand Cream Everyday( 120ml )
By Lanolips £10

Truly Scrumptious Champagne Truffles
By Holdsworth £8

7 Christmas Jumper Ideas For The Holiday Season

Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters has been always been a Christmas tradition and clothing brands have cleverly capitalised on this tradition by designing sweaters that are cool, chic and not ugly at all. We thought it would be cool to recommend our favourite Christmas jumpers to pair them with your favourite lingerie briefs. Trust us they make the perfect combination, just picture this - as the nights get darker and colder, you are at home, snuggled up on the sofa or bed, wearing your favourite Christmas jumper and briefs with some long warm socks, drinking some mulled wine...Yasssss ladies we've got you covered. Check out below our recommendations. below...


Red jumper with glitter reindeer horns £14.00


Sequin Penguin Jumper £36


Grey Pom Pom Sweater
Knitted Black & Bold Sequin Sweater

monki christmas sweater.jpg


Beaded Fair Isle Sweater £499


Embroidered Wool knit Top £1,400

gucci sweater.jpg