Luxury Lingerie With A Purpose - Our Vision

(This post was originally published on June 8th 2015 and updated on July 9th 2018)

When the idea of Olyinka Lingerie was born, it was our mission to convey lingerie differently from the current norm. Lingerie is generally promoted as a sexual item, and the industry was perpetuating this through their advertising campaigns and marketing and we at Olyinka HQ wanted to change that.

It was Audrey, our founder's mission to design lingerie pieces meant to last, for the women to feel beautiful in her garments and not be objectified. 

We love the idea that in the early 1900s to 1920's, lingerie design was much more appreciated and intricate - beautiful corsets, silk camisoles, and lace briefs, therefore, it is our goal to produce this quality of lingerie today. 

In addition to producing beautiful lingerie, we were also determined to change the narrative of over-sexualisation which has attached itself to lingerie. We want lingerie to be seen as garments meant to accentuate, flatter and beautify a woman. So, as part of our 2015 relaunch, we launched OlyinkaMag™ a digital magazine created to promote lingerie, body-confidence, self-esteem, fashion, beauty, and style. In addition to our magazine, we also produce monthly newsletters and use our social media platforms to promote a positive and healthy narrative about women and their bodies, because we believe that women should be celebrated, honoured and not objectified. 

It is our belief that lingerie should not make women feel beautiful but compliment the beauty that women inherently have -  inside and out.

This is our vision; To build and create a lifestyle platform for women who love lingerie, fashion, style and beauty, a platform that encourages and inspires women to become their best and beautiful selves.

So are you in?

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