Spring Clean Your Lingerie Drawer



Ladies, Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to check out your lingerie drawer and give it a spring clean . So we've put together some tips on how to do this effectively so that your drawers don't look like they should be towed away for scrap. I see you... 

  1. Remove all your lingerie, lay them out on your bed and take a good look. Any lingerie that looks unsightly, falling apart, misshapen, crawling away from the bed on its own - get rid. Girl, you know you need to remove them worn out underwear unless there is a sentimental reason you need to keep them - if not, throw them out!

  2. Once you’ve decided what underwear you want to keep, sort them into piles, for example, sets, briefs, slips, corsets etc and leave them in their piles for now.

  3. Return to your drawer and give it a light clean with a gentle cleaning wipe - nothing too harsh and allow to dry

  4. Once your drawers are dry we suggest lining them with scented liners, which will make your drawer and lingerie smell absolutely amazing.

  5. Alternatively, scented pouches are cool or even lightly spray your drawers with the perfume of your choice

  6. Now your drawers are smelling absolutely fabulous, and if you wish, you can insert drawer dividers to compartmentalise your already organised lingerie - check them out in Amazon

  7. Your lingerie is ready to be placed back in your drawers to organise how you wish

54394319_267596220828089_7458293791351373824_n (1).jpg

8. To stay on top of your lingerie drawer game, check out our post on below on How to Care For Your Lingerie, which gives you tips on how to clean and maintain your delicates

9. And finally, if you need new lingerie, check out our shop for bespoke silk lingerie and LuxeBox - our monthly subscription service which delivers bespoke beautiful silk lingerie briefs to your door.

There you have it! Spring clean drawers fit for the, boujee queen you are…


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