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The Cut

It is not a secret that we women have a love hate relationship with our bodies, whether it be our bum, legs, thighs, nose or breasts, there will always be something we're dissatisfied with, which is normal. You would have to be pretty superhuman and mentally elevated to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am perfect” and walk away truly believing this. I personally have to say this mantra a couple of thousand times before my mind gets it, but hey - I’ll save that for another blog post perhaps…

For now, let’s talk about breasts and our relationship with them.

It is a topic that we at Olyinka, being a lingerie brand, talk about on a daily basis, and one of the most contentious issues around the subject of breasts, is shape. Are they perky enough, big enough, are they too small, too flat, too droopy? Do they feel ok? Are they too hairy, freckly, wrinkly, spotty and are you less than a woman because you don’t have breasts? All these issues and more are very real for women.

In one of our newsletters we discussed how we view our bodies and asked the question; If we saw our bodies beyond the aesthetic, would we treat it differently?

What if you viewed your body as a vessel whose purpose is to carry your spirit and help you to navigate your life on this earth?

We believe that if you viewed your body a something that needs to be aesthetically pleasing and perfect - you will be forever wanting to change it.

However, If you understood that your body is designed to carry your spirit, to nourish and care for you, in order for you to function effectively and operate at your highest level, then maybe you would view your body no matter the shape, size and imperfections,  as a thing of beauty.

So, breasts - what are their functions? Well, to nourish, to comfort, a symbol of seductive expression. They represent love, affection, emotion, compassion, so it is no coincidence that our breasts are connected to the heart.

The ancients viewed the breastplate as a symbol of power, so to all women who do not have breasts for whatever reason, your breastplate contains your power, you are still spiritually whole, you are still woman - remember this.

To encourage you, we found the following article in The Cut Magazine - New York Women who draw their boobs. The Cut polled 57 New York women, ages 17 to 72 (plus one 4-year-old who grabbed the marker from her mom) and asked them to draw their boobs and write one sentence explaining how they feel about them. In cafés and bars, on playground benches and on the way to work, women laughed when they heard the question, disparaged their drawing abilities, and gave it a shot.

Check out the article here and read what women really feel about their boobs, you may feel the same also. What is your relationship with your body, are you happy, dissatisfied?

Lets start the conversation below… we would love to know…

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