Girl Up: The Secrets to an Extraordinary Life by Courtney Ferrell

Ladies, question...

If you are between the ages of 17 and 30, what is the one piece of advice you need right now to move your life ahead? And for those of you who are 30 years plus, what advice do you wish you were given in your teens and 20's that would have helped you navigate your life today?

We are always searching for the best resources to inspire you to the next level of your life journey, and when we came across this Ted Talk by Courtney Ferrell, we were very excited and wanted to share with our community. Courtney Ferrell is a creative thinker, speaker, and writer, and she used the Ted Talk platform to specifically target young women between the ages of 17-24 to provide advice which could potentially create for them an extraordinary life.

However, even though Courtney directs her advice towards young women, we believe this Ted Talk is for women of all ages; it is the kind of information we wish we could have all had entering into adulthood, and Courtney does this in an energetic, funny, intelligent and loving way.

Girl Up! Is about being a confident woman, confident in yourself, your abilities and comfortable in your skin. Furthermore, surrounding yourself with people who will also help you build this confidence.

So ladies, without giving too much away, watch this amazing video and take notes. For those of you in your 20's and 30's we advise you to take action and for those of you who are in your 40's upwards who think it’s a little too late, it’s never too late. Take immediate action and whilst you’re at it, pass down your own life lessons and experiences to those that are younger than yourself.

Do your part and help another woman Girl Up!.

What key advice do you need or what advice would you give to your fellow sisters to Girl Up?

Comment below, we would love to know.

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