What do you like about yourself challenge?

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It is very rare to come across women who have positive things to say about themselves. The groups of women I'm aware of are  1. Those who are super confident but stay silent for fear that they may seem cocky or arrogant. 2. Those are super confident, love everything about themselves and lets everyone know about it and finally 3. Ladies who only see the negative about themselves.

For much of my youth the word beautiful eluded me, I was the dumpy one, the talkative and opinionated one. My two sisters on the other hand are totally different, my younger sister is internally and  visually beautiful and will always receive a compliment on how attractive she is and my older sister well... she is beautiful whether she is or not and would look in the mirror and state that fact! So as a child I grew up disliking myself but thankfully that has changed and loving myself and appreciating my flaws is now a rite of passage.

I pose to you the question above because I think as women we should "on the regular" focus on what is great about ourselves and we don't do this enough. We are so busy making everybody else look fabulous we tend forget about ourselves So i thought it would be fun if we could come up with at least five things we like about ourselves as women. You will need to write them down and keep them close to you and refer to them when you are feeling less than yourself. Like medicine, we all need a healthy dose of "I remember how great i am" so  I would like you to join me in this challenge #whatilikeaboutmyself challenge. 

I’ll go first…

I like me…  I like who I am and what I’ve become flaws and all, I like the the way my brain works, it's inquisitive, intuitive, and constantly searching for the truth. I get it wrong sometimes and that’s ok, it's part of my learning curve and I try not to be too hard on myself.

I am empathetic and compassionate but it doesn't mean I'm a pushover - i also have a bullshit radar which I use at all times.

I love that I am self aware. I'm aware  of my super power and I'm not afraid to use it. 

I am beautiful which is sometimes hard to admit or even speak out loud but I now believe it, I exude it  – I believe that  being beautiful is what you become, the internal you which manifests externally. 

I like the fact that I'm of mixed heritage – Caribbean and  African, I love my chocolate skin, my big booty, big brown eyes and lips on which I use red - for my signature look. . 

I love the fact that I am a good person at heart, my intention is not to hurt, maim or kill, I instinctively want to help and encourage but don't mess with me because I can come at you if necessary.

Over to you ladies...

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