The Art Of Being Yourself by Caroline McHugh

In Keeping with the Spirit of our April newsletter about Authenticity, we came across this Ted Talk by Caroline McHugh about The art of being Yourself. Unbeknown to Caroline she is now our new best friend and her Talk placed in our inspirational hall of fame.

Caroline McHugh is founder and CEO of the company IDOLOGY, a movement dedicated to helping individuals and organisations to become fully, original versions of themselves. She has developed the "I Complex" model which helps individuals and organisations determine what the "I" really means, when you say "I".

In this Ted Talk, Caroline beautifully and eloquently explains her Model and at one point even presents a video clip of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, that perfectly demonstrates what it means to "Know thyself" - the Olyinka mantra! We won’t say too much, but what we will say is that our new favourite word is now "Queendom.

We believe that Caroline's Ted Talk is an important one because being yourself, truly knowing who you are and why you are here is not an easy task especially when society moulds you into someone you are not. Or when parents or peers force their ideas and aspirations on you therefore becoming what they want you to be, rather than who you really are.

There are numerous reasons why people are not living their authentic life and we discuss this and the steps you can take to operate in your truth in our April newsletter

We believe that "being someone other than yourself is not being your best self" and we want you to become your best self so be encouraged by Caroline's Talk, take notes and also sign up to our monthly newsletter for more inspiration.