The Power Of Self-Love And Self-Esteem by Caira Lee

Have you ever wondered what fabulousness actually looks like in the flesh, well look no further, her name is Caira Lee.

Caira is a writer, speaker, a national award-winning poet and in her Ted Talk she speaks poetically on how to practice radical self-Love.

The reason why this Ted Talk is so important in the era we live in is because we can openly address issues that we were not able to address before. We have finally accepted that mental health is a real issue for most of us, and has at some point affected our lives directly or indirectly. People are not stigmatised by mental health anymore, and are open about their struggles, differences and challenges. There is more help, resources, therapy and tools readily available to assist, and self-love is one of the many therapies that can help us overcome the challenges we face in life.

But, if we ask the question, do you practice self-love and how? Most, not all of you, may get a little stuck, this is where Caira's Ted Talk comes into great effect.

Caira gives examples of her own journey and presents practical wisdom on how we can execute self-love in our everyday lives.

It is one of those Ted Talks where we advise you to take notes as you watch because it is life transforming. Our crush is real and we think Caira is awesome!

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We hope this video inspires you as much as it inspired us.

Before you go, how do you practice self-love, and how has Caira's Ted Talk inspired you? Comment below, we would love to know…