How To Wear Underwear As Outerwear

image; Vogue Germany

image; Vogue Germany

Women are finding creative and stylish ways to wear lingerie and lounge-wear pieces. These garments are not  confined to the bedroom anymore, neither hidden under clothes, but are being worn as outerwear, and why not, when tastefully done, lingerie pieces can make any outfit stylish, chic and very sexy.

For those of you who are still on the fence with this, we get it - lingerie is meant to be worn underneath your clothes and that's how it will stay! But hear us out - this trend is not new at all. in the Victorian age, dresses included a corset designed to pull in women's waists and make it more hourglass. In the 1910-20's slip dresses were popular - you're aware of flapper girls right? In the 80's and 90's Madonna made the bullet bra and corset popular and now we have Rhianna, Solange and Kim Kardashian introducing this trend into the mainstream. If you are a lingerie junkie and you haven't done so already, you can start finding inventive ways to wear your lingerie as outerwear and to help you, we've compiled some ideas below to get you started. Enjoy!


Corsets or corset belts worn over a dress, a t-shirt or top. 



Converting your lingerie slip into a dress. 



Summer favourite, wear your lingerie shorts or bloomers and show off your legs.

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Worn with jeans, or under your favourite cardigan a camisole, can add instant glamour to an outfit. 



Show off your beautiful bra, this style can look very chic when tastefully done, alternatively if you're bold you can just show it off! 



We call it Comfort Glamour. Your pyjamas too comfortable to take off? - Then take it to the streets.