10 Mental Health Accounts You Should Be Following

Katie Joy Crawford

Katie Joy Crawford

In support of mental health awareness week, we found some amazing Instagram accounts we recommend you follow to support you on your mental health journey.

Mental health is now no longer taboo; people are openly sharing their experiences and unafraid to do so. We live in a world where there is so much uncertainty, noise, pressures, and negativity, it's not surprising that people are seeking help, and so it should be. We shouldn’t have to navigate this world painfully in silence. So please check out our recommendations below and connect. And if you have any personal suggestions, please also comment below.

In our research, we were surprised by how many accounts were so readily available to assist people and connect with communities who are having mental health issues.

If you believe you need help and unsure of your diagnosis, we recommend contacting your local GP for help.

If you require a personal counselling, then click here to find therapists in your area.

It takes a courageous person to admit that they need help and to seek it, so for all of you who have done this or plan to do this, we give you our crown of honour.

1 @anxietysupport
This account supports anyone diagnosed with Social anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, and general anxiety. This inspirational account motivates, inspires and even provides a Q&A page so you can ask questions. They also have a website for more tools and resources. We think they are awesome! Check their website here and click on their IG account below.

2 @mental_health_advocacy
This account focuses on mental health support, awareness and positive reinforcement for the Instagram community. Their platform supports and encourages anyone who is going through any form of mental issues, and it also gets celebrities to openly talk about their own experiences which helps breaks stigmas and taboos surrounding mental health issues. Check out their page below for more info and stories.

3. @life.by.lexi
Lexi Christena, is an anorexia nervosa and post-traumatic stress disorder survivor and her purpose is to share her experiences to build her own courage and offer hope for others! Advocacy, for environmental issues, mental health, and genuine love and empathy for people, is her passion. You can follow her journey via her blog here and her IG account below.

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Me? Posting? It’s more likely than you think 😉 It’s been a while so I thought I would do a nice easy update post while I have a free second (these free seconds come rarely nowadays)! I’m doing SO well, and as you can see from this picture, I am so indescribably happy! I’m learning how to use my voice in a new setting (see my second to most recent blog post for more on that); I’ve joined three student publishing organizations and am a member of student government on the Assembly for Sexual Assault Prevention! Not hiding out, not running away, being as real as real can be and letting my story resonate beyond the four walls that birthed it. It’s a scary feeling, but a good feeling. It feels like I’m finally becoming who I am instead of being corrupted by the voices in my head or around me. My weight is stable (high five, self!) and I’m doing super well with my meal plan. There are still days that are harder than others, but even the hard days lately are a million times easier than the hard days in April. Part of me wants to say I got lucky with my college, my friends, my clubs, this joy that resulted from the glorious mix of them. But I have to give the glory to myself on this one. I fought tooth and nail to be happy. I spent years enslaved to grief, and I was too scared to bite into the chains. But now, now I’m not scared anymore. I’m learning to be Lexi again, being open to whatever that might mean, and being gentle with who I was. If you think it doesn’t get better, hear me out. Mere months ago I was spending every waking moment in a treatment center, on therapy couches and at glass top tables, telling doctors I didn’t care if I died like they all said I would. And now...now I’m smiling like this. It. Gets. Better. So. Hold. On. And. Trust. Me. 💓

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4. @so_bipolar
This account, curated by Mehri Coulter is dedicated to those living with bipolar and showing people who live with this disorder, how to live their best lives. Mehri is bipolar and unashamed, and through her blog and IG account she is trying to bring some order to the disorder and does so beautifully via videos and her photography.  Check out her blog here and her IG account below.

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A mixed episode creates an experience of entrapment inside her mind. She is itching with desire to reach deep inside her skull to purge her tormented brain. Her brain suffocates her. She cannot breathe. Her body unmistakably trembles with fear, her hands twitch from excess energy. Tears overflow in her eyes. She wants to run away from herself as quickly as possible. How does she escape her agitated herself? She can’t. She will indefinitely be trapped. Waiting for her brain to decide when and how she will come down from this mixed episode of hell. She wants to sleep. In sleep, she is unaware of the torture occurring in her mind. Unfortunately, the mania during the mixed episode relentlessly and viciously keep her awake. She is like a trapped lion in cage, heart bursting out of her chest. The tossing and turning she endures is enough to make her cry out. Please God, take this from me! I cannot go on. The clock changes from midnight to 3 o’clock, from 3 o’clock to 7 o’clock until she wearily gives up on the notion of sleep. Bipolar wins again, she feels as though she is losing her mind. She is terrified. The world and her life do not slow down. She is a mother who pretends like all is okay in the world. She does not allow her children to know of her suffering. She loves them too much to have them worry. After three nights of sleeplessness, her body cannot keep up. Finally she crashes. She closes her eyes, and sleeps at last. She is me. I am her. Or is she simply her bipolar? The confusion ensues.

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5. @projectidefineme
Project: I Define Me, was founded by Pooja Mehta in May of 2018 with the hopes of changing the stigma surrounding mental health. A platform for people with mental illnesses where they can introduce themselves and share their story. A small project which aimed to reach out to people has been so overwhelmingly positive and successful, people have continued to contribute their stories, and as a result, this project has grown. Their community has now 2,500 members, and Pooja plans to take her project to the next level to help destigmatise mental illnesses worldwide. Check out their Instagram page below and if you would like to financially contribute to their project click here for their GoFundme page.

6 @rainn
Is one of the largest anti-sexual violence organisations, supporting survivors of sexual assault via their platform. they run a hotline of dedicated personnel ready to talk to anyone who is dealing with sexual assault. this is based in the US but there are plenty of global organisations providing help for sexual assault but could list all of them so we recommend doing an online search in your area and checking out what support is available.

7. @gabbyfrost
Gabby Frost is a 20-year-old mental health advocate, social entrepreneur, public speaker, and college student. She is the founder and CEO of the Buddy Project, a non-profit organisation aimed at raising awareness for mental health by virtually pairing people as buddies to support each other to prevent self-harm and suicide. She has helped more than 215,000 through her organisation.

8. @schizophrenia.support
This IG account is run by the lovely Renee Kylie, a writer who chronicles her perspective on surviving schizophrenia. Her account is at times dark, honest, brutal and beautiful. Anyone who is dealing with schizophrenia should connect, this community is very supportive.

9. @postpartumprogress
Postparttumprogress is an account that provides Information, resources, and hope for women struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Women have been suffering silently with this disorder forever, but it is only recently and certainly with the advent of social media that women feel brave enough to talk about it without feeling stigmatised. Check out their webiste here and join their community below and dont suffer in silence.

10. @kenziebrenna
What can we say about Kenzie - we love here! When we relaunched our brand, we were searching for women on social media who represented our values, and we came across Kenzie who is raw and unapologetic. She spoke openly about her mental health issues in particular her issues with Body dysmorphia which is when you perceive yourself to have defects or flaws in your appearance that may make you ashamed and anxious. We believe all women have these thoughts to a certain degree and she perfectly matched our philosophy for women to love their bodies no matter their shape and size. Kenzie also runs a self-help Bootcamp and advocates Better Health - an online platform that provides affordable therapists and private online counselling. We recommend signing up to Kenzies IG account below.

Sign up to her bootcamp here
Sign up to Better Health here

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Cannabis is legal nationwide in Canada 🍁 . And in the words of Sam Harris: . “Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness. We form friendships to feel love and avoid loneliness. We eat specific foods to enjoy the fleeting presence on our tongues. We read for the pleasure of thinking another persons thoughts. Every waking moment - even in our dreams- we struggle to direct the flow of sensation, emotion and cognition towards states of consciousness that we value. Drugs are another means toward this end. Some are illegal, some are stigmatized, some are dangerous. Some drugs of extraordinary power and utilities such as Psilocybin and LSD pose no apparent risk of addiction and are physically well tolerated and yet one can be sent to prison for their use. Where as such drugs as tobacco and alcohol which ruined countless lives are enjoyed ad libitum in almost every society on earth. There are other points on this continuum, MDMA or ecstasy, has remarkable therapeutic potential, but it is also susceptible to abuse and some evidence suggests that it can be neurotoxic. One of the great responsibility’s we have a society is to educate ourselves along with the next generation, about which substances are worth ingesting and for what purpose and which are not. The problem, however, is that we refer to all of these biologically active materials by a single term, “drugs,” making it nearly impossible to have an intelligent discussion about the psychological, medical, ethical and legal issues surrounding their use. The poverty of our language has been only slightly eased by the introduction of the term “psychedelics” to differentiate certain visionary compounds, which can produce extraordinary insights, from - narcotics - and other classic agents of stupefaction and abuse.” . Enjoy it. Be responsible and mindful. And keep educating yourself on the disparity of the PoC who are disproportionately arrested and incriminated for cannabis use. . #legalization #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #psychedelics #samharris [image description: Kenzie with her hair down, looking into the camera]

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