Iskra Lawrence on loving your body

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(This post was originally published on September 2nd 2017 and updated on September 2nd 2018)

Iskra lawrence a model and body positive advocate collaborated with High Quality Human Beings to film a video about body confidence and she did so by stripping down to her underwear in a New York City subway train. Oh yes she did! Some commentators have objected to this film by saying that Iskra was being provocative, but we believe in order to get people's attention about important issues such as body confidence, provocation is needed.  Women's bodies have been objectified and over-sexualised for too long. Women have hated their bodies because it did not conform to societal standards and as a result have unconsciously surrendered their bodies to these powers. Women are now waking up, taking back control by accepting their bodies and as a result society and industry leaders are now being forced to adjust to the pressure and the movement.  So whether you agree with Iskra's methods or not, this movement is here to stay and could not have been possible if it was not for her and countless other women speaking out against these issues. We wanted to bring to you awareness of the women we follow  and who are doing great things in this arena and compiled a list of body positive Instgrammers we recommend you follow. By giving more power to this movement, women are in control and to this we say, yes and amen! Enjoy x

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