The A to Z of lingerie shapes Part 2 - Bras

Illustration by Caitlin Shearer

Illustration by Caitlin Shearer

Continuing from our article on The A to Z of lingerie shapes Part 1 - Briefs we wanted to shine the spotlight on the various bra types that are currently available on the market. In our article How to measure your bra size, we provided you with simple tips on how to determine your breast size. We pointed out that once you have successfully identified your size, you can then go on to decide which lingerie brand produces the bras to suit your breast shape, because bras differ from brand to brand, and then you can finally experiment with styles.

So, to help you along, we have listed some bra styles below, but please note ladies, as we have pointed out in our previous articles, don't be disheartened by the process. Once you have worked out your size, your brand preference and your bra style, buying your bras moving forward will be more relaxed and a lot more enjoyable. 

1. The non-wire soft bra is wire free and made to feel comfortable and lightweight. These bras can be worn at night or during the day when you need light support. 

non wire soft bra.jpg

2. The balconette bra is a low cup bra designed to support and lift your breast fully. This bra gives the same support as a fully rounded bra but it’s a little sexier and is one of the most popular bras types on the market. Balconette bras works well with outfits with low or scooped necklines to show off your décolletage. 

balconette bra.jpg


3 T-shirt bras are seamless, smooth cups designed to look invisible under clothing, there is a saying If you don’t notice a T-shirt bra, then you know it is doing its job. Designed to wear under clothes which are generally clingy to give you a seamless look.

t shirt bra.jpg


4. The push-up bra is designed to push your breasts up to create an enhanced cleavage, a fuller and uplifted shape which is stylish and comfortable. These bras are designed to wear with low cut tops and dresses

Push ip bra.jpg

5. The Minimizer bra isdesigned to reduce the appearance of your breasts by lifting and redistributing your breast tissue, making them flattering and not compromising the natural shape of your bust and body. This bra work well under both tight and loose clothing pieces and make your form look natural and shapely under tighter tops and dresses.

minimizer bra.jpg

6. Padded bras are designed to add fullness to the bust line and enhance the appearance of your bust. Women use padded bras to compensate for uneven or disproportional breasts, they come with removable inserts or are padded to give your breasts a more natural, rounded look.  These bras are designed to wear under tight, form-fitted clothing, t-shirts, when you want great cleavage under low-cut tops and when you want to prevent nipple show-through.

7. The Strapless bras tend to include a silicone or rubber lining to provide support and designed for garments with no shoulder straps. You can find different types such as in longline styles, plunge styles, push up styles, full figure styles, low cuts and bridal styles and best worn with off the shoulder tops and dresses

8. Maternity Bras. Expectant mothers will notice their breasts will become fuller, more tender and will start to change around 12 weeks into the pregnancy. It is within this period, it is advised to get fitted for a maternity bra. The average mum will go up two underbands and four cup sizes so its important that your bra is adjustable – with at least four hook positions so you can adjust your underband throughout the day. Maternity bras have a fuller cup shape, deeper center front, and wider straps and made from fabrics which are breathable such as cotton, which allows your skin to breathe easier. They also have brushed back elastics which feel soft against your skin.

maternity bra.jpg

And there are more...

7 Convertible bras are unique as they are designed to be several bras in one. Convertible bras come with detachable straps that can be arranged in multiple ways by hooking them onto different slots at the front or the back. Some convert to halter bras. Strapless... the list goes on and can be worn according to your dress style

Adhesive backless bras - this bra has no back and is held in place by adhesive cups ideal for backless dresses 

Plunge bras - are designed with a cut low at the centre and work really well with clothes that have plunging and deep v necklines. 

Mastectomy Bras are for women who have had a full, partial mastectomy or reconstructive surgery, or no surgery at all. Most mastectomy bras contain cup linings or pockets to contain a breast prosthesis and have been selected primarily for their excellent fit, comfort, and support. To make women who have been through surgery feel like themselves.

SSo, ladies, there are a lot of bras out there, We hope our articles help you find the best fitting bra and if there are any other questions you have that you would like us to write about please feel free to comment below. In the meantime happy bra shopping! xx

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