About Us

Olyinka Lingerie is a British brand producing handcrafted, silk, luxury lingerie and loungewear. Audrey Aiyela-Kuklewski, the founder, was inspired to create her own lifestyle brand due to an ongoing love affair with fashion, art and style and launched the lingerie arm of the brand at the East London Design Show in 2009.

Audrey has since collaborated with global cosmetics brand Benefit cosmetics, and showcased at London Fashion weekender as part of London Fashion Week. 

"Our mission is to be the leading purveyor of luxury vintage lingerie made available to every woman who loves style, elegance and class. All garments are constructed from rich, delicate fabrics - the finest chiffons, silk and organic cotton, made to the highest quality with attention to detail. Inspiration for my designs derives from the 1920’s to the 1950’s an era when underwear was just as beautifully made as outerwear. Our lingerie merges modern designs with a vintage flair so women have the quality of a well made garment which also looks luscious and divine 

Olyinka means ‘wealth surrounds me’ and represents the ideology of the brand. We want the quality of both our designs and the fabrics to awaken that sentiment in all women who wear our lingerie."