October 2017 Newsletter: Confidence is an attitude!


Welcome to our October Newsletter!

Autumn is here and Summer seems like a glorious, distant memory. I truly hope your Summer was awesome and to help you transition into the Autumnal months, we've selected a few beauty products that will help you rock this new season in style - Fenty Beauty by Rhianna and Chanel's new fragrance Gabrielle - Check out our reviews in the Olyinkamag section below!

If you are new to our newsletters, please note, I am passionate about women and getting us to a place where we are truly loving ourselves. so if you don't feel confident or beautiful right now, go grab yourself some tea or coffee, get comfortable and I hope our newsletter will get you sorted in no time :-)

Confidence is an attitude! And no, this is not a cliche, it is fact! The reason why I state this is because most women believe that confidence is a natural disposition and as a result do not feel worthy enough to deal with opportunities in life when they arrive. 

There have been many studies on the topic of self confidence and they yield two schools of thought, one group believe that confidence is something you were born with, a genetic inheritance whilst the second group believe that confidence can be mastered. I personally agree with both arguments to an extent however I strongly believe that if you are not a naturally confident person, it is a trait that can be mastered. 

As a child I was bold, whatever I wanted I went for it, however in my adult life there were times when I was not so bold and my self esteem was very low, it was in these moments that I intuitively knew I needed to get up and move forward and in the "moving forward" I also discovered that I had to consciously build back my self confidence - because I had none! All of this was a challenge for me but I had a choice - sink or swim, so I learned to swim.   

To build back confidence, I had to first acknowledge that I had low self confidence. Are you are in situations where you are afraid to challenge yourself, afraid to speak up, have poor self image, social withdrawal, anxiety, reluctance to trust your own opinion, comparing yourself to others, I could go on...? then yes, there may be an issue but please note, there is no shame in admitting this. Honesty brings awareness and this leads to positive change. 

Next, I had to be aware that I could change my situation, I had the power to switch from having low self esteem to exuding high levels of confidence. People get stuck at the first stage (above) unaware that they hold the key to their own change just by switching their state of mind and attitude. So how did I do this? Reading, self empowerment videos, positive affirmations, exercise, prayer and meditation are the various tools I used to consciously deprogram my body from negativity to reprograming my body, mind, soul and spirit to a place of strength. To master these tools I use them as part of my daily practice. 

So lovely,, what I really want you to take away from this months newsletter is an understanding that no matter what life throws at you to dent your self esteem, YOU have the power to restore your self confidence and elevate yourself to the woman you are purposed to be. 
Enjoy the rest of the month. x

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