September 2017 Newsletter: You have one body, Embrace it!


Welcome to our September Newsletter!

Yep I know, it's September, and just when Summer decided to turn up Autumn wants to rear its head. Erm... Back off Mr. Autumn Sir, we're not ready to wear our coats just yet. Anyway, rain, wind or sun, I hope your September will be great, blessed and stress-free. 

Speaking about being stress-free, how do you alleviate stress? 

I do so by attending the gym at least three times a week or at a minimum once if swamped. Exercise keeps me alert, stress-free and on top of things, so non-attendance is not an option. However a few years ago, I wasn't an active a gym member or doing any form of exercise because of a very tough season in my life. 

I returned to the gym when I noticed my body had become sluggish and weak and in my first week, and i remember bumping into to a regular attendee I knew - a lady of 65 - who questioned my absence. I proceeded to give her a list of reasons to why I hadn't been to the gym, and once I finished, she looked me square in the face and said "I don't care what season you are in or going through, ALWAYS look after your body. Go to the gym or an exercise class once a week, at least. Your body is designed to care for you through every season, so look after it".  OK, mama, You told me! I got the message loud and clear, and I've been going to the gym ever since. 

It got me thinking - Do we as women, understand that our bodies are designed to support us through every season of life? For example, when we put on a little weight because of our "time of the month," having babies or just getting older?  We generally get a little anxious, right? Start fretting and dieting rather than understand that our bodies are designed to adjust because of these circumstances.

In my teens, I had a very distorted view of my body and self-image.  I was bought up in the era of Charlies Angels, supermodels and MTV, so women who looked like me in the media were hardly seen; therefore I found it very difficult to accept who I was. Dark skin, black hair, a big butt, muscular legs, big eyes, I wanted my hair to fall like Farrah Fawcett and my limbs to be longer and thinner. 
Oh, how times have changed - we are now in an era where being yourself is embraced and trying to conform to be someone else is utter madness.  It took a while, but in my twenties, I fully embraced my body and my unique self and learned to love my beautiful brown skin which glows and protects me from the sun, my shapely bum, designed to cushion me when I fall, my brown eyes, so big you can see my soul. My strong, thick legs designed to keep me standing especially in unstable times and my woolly hair representing the glory and uniqueness of who I am. 

So, do you accept, care and love your body for the time and season you are in? 

The Olyinka mind and body confidence movement is about learning to accept yourself and your unique purpose. We believe your body and mind evolves depending on how much love and care you give it. So if you haven't don't so - start caring.

To help you stay focused on your self-care journey we've included a new inspirational screensaver free for you to download, "You have one body! Embrace it!" 

We've also included below some fun, new, articles from Olyinkamag below which I hope you'll  enjoy until then enjoy September!

Enjoy the rest of the month. x

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