August 2017 Newsletter: Womanifesto

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Welcome to our August Newsletter!

Are you comfortable? 
How has your Summer been so far? Great I hope.
If it has been less than great, remember there is always a rainbow at the end of every challenge - push through girl! You got this!

As for me, Summer has been great, I was a social butterfly, hanging out with family more than usual. I generally avoid family gatherings as the politics are real and exhausting; however, this year has been fun and drama free  - Thank you Lawd! Other than that, I would love more hours in the day as it's August and there is still so much to do! C'mon, 2017! What's the rush? Slow down! I'm just recovering from 2016!. :-)

We've had some excellent feedback for our very first Spotify playlist, and due to your response, we've decided to make it a regular feature. This month's playlist is called Womanifesto, inspired by Jill Scott's track of the same name, and it's the first song on the playlist for a good reason. Be ready to be blown away by her lyrics as she begins by saying, "Clearly I'm not a fat ass, I am an active brain..." Ok, Ms. Scott, I hear you, you have my attention, and she continues to describe who she as a woman and what she represents. Wow!

As I consumed her lyrics, I asked myself “Audrey, What is your Womanifesto? Well, it consists of thoughts, ideas and experiences but to be honest, I've never thought about documenting them manifesto-style - who has time for that? And let me state for the record, I didn’t go and write me a poem like Ms. Scott, but was inspired to think about who I am and what I represent and yes, proceeded to note them down.
I hope the reason you signed up for our newsletter is that you believe in our Womanifesto: Producing beautiful lingerie, empowering women, promoting body confidence and elevation of self, so have you ever considered your Womanifesto?
Here's why this is important. Society, people, and organisations will try to shape the way you look, feel and experience life, mold you into their ideas, get you to think and behave how they want you to, however, if you know who you are and what you represent, you won't be influenced. Your beliefs will evolve and change even as you develop but - on your terms. So, what is your Wo-manifesto? Write it down, keep it close, stay consistent with who you are and embrace what you represent. In the meantime ladies, enjoy the playlist.

As a special thank you, we've included a free inspirational screensaver for your PC, mobile and tablet device attached below - hope you likey!
Enjoy the rest of the month. x

Olyinka Lingerie

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