May 2017 Newsletter: Surf the wave baby!


Welcome to our May Newsletter!

I would like to focus on you. Yes...You!

How has your month been so far? Great? Good? Or plain ugly? Just hold that thought for a moment. 

For me, it started positively, and I was looking forward to May, I established my goals, set my intentions and planned to announce some exciting Olyinka news, then, unexpectedly, out of the blue, I became ill, immobilized and couldn't move.

Let me state for the record - I DON'T DO ILLNESS, I don't entertain the notion or speak the words "I am il..." I can't even write it down as being ill does not exist in my mind or vocabulary, but this month I conceded defeat and admitted that I was... well... kinda, sorta, under the weather and as a result I couldn't work and needed to rest. True to form, I didn't relax fully because I can't do that very well either, but I let my team take over, worked the minimum, stepped down and stepped back. 

I wanted to share this experience with you because this is life lesson 101 right? You are about to do something significant, important, life-changing, ready to kick down doors and then unexpectedly something happens to derail you and to be honest this is not new to me. Challenge come with the territory, especially when you're building a brand like Olyinka whose goal is to challenge norms and impact women's lives. So, I've learned to recognise obstacles for what they are, overcome them, understand the lesson at play and find solutions or as my friend Pippa wisely said to me over tea and cake - "Surf the wave Audrey darling, surf the wave" so I did just that.

We are now in the third week of May, I've just regained my strength, ready to work again and my goals are exactly where I left them, however, they carry more significance because of the challenge I experienced. 

So  lovely, let me ask you again, how has your month been? If it has been great and good - you go girl! And continue to slay! However, if like me your month has been somewhat derailed, take it from me, don't worry -  just take a step back, stay in control, get support from your community, in my case it was my sister, sister-girlfriends, fellow female entrepreneurs and just surf the wave baby... surf the wave... You will meet your goals because you are the epitome of the Olyinka woman - Kick Ass!

Enjoy the rest of the month. x

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